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The EchoLink Monitor is intended as an administrative tool for EchoLink sysops who wish to remotely manage and monitor an EchoLink node. Ultimately EchoLink Monitor will enable multiple channels to manage node configuration and monitor changes in status including email alerts, web based management etc. As a separate process it will be able to handle node failures and/or report environmental conditions affecting the node.

The initial impetus for this project is to ease management of an EchoLink conference server with multiple remote nodes all remotely managed by the same club. I'm sure there are other uses for such a tool however and am open to suggestions and contributions to make it even better.

Note that this solution is dependent on the presence of the EchoLink software. We control EchoLink through a COM automation library included with the EchoLink software. You can download EchoLink from the EchoLink website. You can also download from there the documentation of the EchoLink COM interface (aka API) for reference.

Note also that use of the EchoLink software requires validation of a current amateur (aka ham) radio operator's license. More information about obtaining a ham radio license can be found at the Amateur Radio Relay League's (ARRL) website.

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